Travel animated GIFs

I have really been having fun with these animated gifs and the app. There are a few things I dont like about the app though, mainly just different options and settings. Hopefully with future updates these things will be fixed.

Today I am off to the Boryeong Mud festival! I believe it is Boryeong at least; I was asked on monday whether I would like to go and I immediately said yes. Today I am waking up very early so that I can catch a train to Daejeon and then a bus to the Mud Festival! I will be taking my camera, so there will certainly be some great pictures! (even though I have yet to edit Seoul and Kyeong ju).

I really do enjoy this app, it gives me a chance to be creative with photography in a slightly different way. I think I am becoming more comfortable with it as well! This picture of the girl jumping rope received more than 300 likes on the first day. . . I just thought it was a fun picture.

Sometimes, with art and creativity, what we think is really awesome doesn’t turn out to have as much of a public response. This picture has a solitary single “like” on the app; it is one of my favorites so far.

I do think that the best way to make an attractive .gif is to have a seamless loop. This seems simple enough, but when you are doing it on a phone with a screen the size of a creditcard, it can get difficult. Notice the light on the side of my desk changes as I block the source coming from the windows in the background.

This is the last .gif for today. It took place in an after school class that I believe was about magic tricks or something of that nature. I knew there would be some short action in this class that would be good for a loop; this young student looking over her shoulder was it. Actually I think this is slightly creepy.

I think that these are an interesting way to show Korean life, or just my life in Korea. I enjoy creating these, and I hope you enjoy watching them!

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