Travel Bass Guitars

VOX APACHE2BBK 4-String Travel
  • Fun To Play
  • Good Feel
  • Small Footprint
  • Jamming
  • Practicing
  • Small Venues
  • Travel Jamming

I already own a Traveler Electruc (old style with piezio pickup in the bridge) and it has by now accumulated enough airline miles and hotel points to take an extended vacation in Fiji!

I am glad I did. A fullsize bass takes up a fair amount of room and since i travel a lot, a small footprint fullscale instrument is preferable - I've had too many bad exeriences with airlines and instruments.

The playability is great - action feels good, and even for a bass is light.

The only weak points I have found so far is the pickups sound a little thready and the built in headphone amp is weak.

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