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The best sleep mask for travel probably doesn’t look like a stuffed animal or smell like a day at the spa. Instead, it’s comfortable and inconspicuous. The best sleep mask for travel also just works. After all, it’d be easier to just use that free eye mask the airline gave you last year, right? Except that the free goodies usually don’t do the best job of actually blocking out light for a pleasant night’s sleep.

Three of the most popular sleep masks for travel, from my research, were the Escape Luxury Sleep Mask, the Sweet Dreams Contoured Sleep Mask, and the Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask. All three got great reviews and comments across travel forums and blogs.

After a bit of digging, my top pick for the best sleep mask for travel ended up being the Dream Essentials Escape Luxury Sleep Mask ($19.95 at Amazon). I’ve been hunting for a sleep mask that won’t press uncomfortably against my eyes while I try to sleep, and this one fits the bill. It doesn’t look too silly, it got great reviews on Amazon, and it comes with a carrying case and earplugs. Since I’ve found that traveling makes me klutzier than usual, I also like the part where this travel sleep mask is hand washable!

The Sweet Dreams Contoured Sleep Mask ($19.95 at Amazon) also looks great. It’s simple, lightweight, and got spectacular reviews. The padding makes it comfortable to wear even through a long flight. In the meantime, the unique shape means that the mask won’t press against your eyes, helping you get rejuvenating REM sleep at home or in transit.

The Lewis N. Clark Luggage Comfort 2 Pack Eye Mask ($11.99 at Amazon) is another solid option. I might not call it the best sleep mask for travel because the more discreet shape also means it could be less effective at blocking out light. However, it’s soft, lightweight, and one of the few travel eye masks out there that’s adjustable even though there’s no velcro in the back.

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Lewis N. Clark Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask, Black
Apparel (Lewis N. Clark)
  • Made of velour and cotton
  • Soft padding soothe s tired eyes and block out light
  • Adjustable elastic strap forms mask to head
  • Hand washable with mild soap
Bedtime Bliss® Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask & Moldex® Ear Plugs. Includes Carry Pouch for Eye Mask and Ear Plugs - For Travel, Shift Work & Meditation.
Health and Beauty (Bedtime Bliss)
  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE - IDEAL TO BLOCK OUT LIGHT - Block Out Street Lamps Or The Morning Sun - Helping You to Relax and Fall Asleep Quickly For A Blissful Sleep...
  • MADE FROM HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - Lightweight, Contoured (No Pressure On Eyes) & Comfortable Enables REM Sleep with Room to Open Your Eyes Yet Still Relax in...
  • VERSATILE & DURABLE- Perfect for Men, Women, Children and Shift Workers - Won t Smudge Makeup -Combines Well with Continuos Positive Airway Pressure Therapy...
  • RELAX IN DARKNESS - PERFECT FOR MEDITATION - Try Meditating With Our Mask Any Time of the Day or Night - Ideal for Travel, Afternoon Naps or When Your Partner Watches...
  • QUALITY MATERIALS - Free eBook Included to ensure that you get the most out of your sleep mask.
Dream Essentials Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams (TM) Lightweight Contoured Sleep Mask Kit with Earplugs, Travel Pouch, and Black Eye Mask
Health and Beauty (Dream Essentials)
  • Breathe s extremely well, this sleep mask is slim-line and very stylish great value for it s price
  • Allows for uninterupted rapid eye movement (rem) mask contours away from eye and lashes
  • Comfortable, wide elastic strap has a quick release closure
  • Made of comfortable closed cell foam and nylon that is washable and quick drying
  • A free pair of soft foam earplugs and drawstring carry pouch included with every mask
Alaska Bear Alaska Bear® Pure Silk Eye Mask & Blindfold, Black
Health and Beauty (Alaska Bear)
  • Eyes relaxation and sleep aid - super soft and smooth 100% finest 19 MM mulberry silk on both sides, Cool feels as if your eyes and surrounding areas are receiving...
  • Puts you in total darkness prior to blackout curtains, no matter you re a side sleeper or Stomach one, help you relieve stress and Sleep Better at night, nap time...
  • Won t tangle your hair - elastic strap which adjusts with a simple slide feature, and much preferable to bulky Velcro. It doesn t leave lines or marks on your face...
  • Goodbye to dry eyes and blurred vision after using this Alaska Bear® Sleep mask!
  • Want 2-strap Version? Click AccMarket for Sale! ;-))
#1 Rated Patented Sleep Mask - Premium Quality Eye Mask with Contoured Shape by Nidra- Ultra Lightweight & Comfortable - Adjustable Head Strap to Fit All Sizes - Sleep Anywhere Anytime - Ideal for Men and Women - Great for Travelers - Sleep Satisfaction Guaranteed
Beauty (Nidra)
  • SLEEP DEEPLY ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Pull out this incredibly lightweight, comfortable sleep mask anywhere - in a bed, on a flight, on a long car ride, while camping...
  • SLEEP LONGER IN COMPLETE DARKNESS. Exposure to light during sleep interferes with your sleep cycle, preventing you from the long and deep night s rest you need to...
  • WAKE UP FEELING AND LOOKING REFRESHED. Using advanced ergonomics, the Nidra Deep Rest Sleep mask uniquely contours to your face and eyelids for maximum sleeping...
  • BLINK FREELY. The Nidra Deep Rest Sleep mask is specially designed with deeply molded cups that curve away from eyes and eyelashes for rub-free comfort. Our mask...
  • NEW AND EXCLUSIVE TO AMAZON. New and advanced, this lightweight, contoured mask is the best sleep mask on the market and will leave you more rested than ever before...

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