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Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM®+ is the smart choice that helps you stay in touch and keep your mobile phone bill under control when you travel overseas.

You simply get a new number and a SIM card that you place in your existing handset when you travel.


  • Prepaid service - no bill shock
  • Easy to top up your credit while overseas
  • Your credit balance is read out to you each time you call
  • Use your existing mobile phone handset#
  • Option to divert so you can keep your existing number for voice calls
  • No contract, no minimum spend, no hidden charges
  • Australian based customer support
  • Free to receive calls in over 115 countries and discounted Prepaid TravelSIM®+ to Prepaid TravelSIM®+ calling rates^
  • Free smartphone app makes it even easier to use your Prepaid TravelSIM®+ while you're overseas

Is the Prepaid TravelSIM®+ right for you?

Follow these 3 easy steps to find out:

  • Check that Prepaid TravelSIM®+ has coverage in the countries you are travelling to
  • Check that your mobile phone handset will work in the countries you are travelling to
  • Check that your handset is unlocked

Additional features

  • Web SMS - Send an SMS for free to an Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM®+ customer
  • Smartphone app - Manage your Prepaid TravelSIM®+ while you're on the go

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  • Your phone must be unlocked. Please verify the band frequency where you plan to travel. It s important to check what frequencies are supported in the destination...

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