Travel Wedding dress garment bag

wedding dress garment bags

When it comes to wedding dress garment bags... this is a subject most brides don't really think about much.

Most of the time, the bridal shop you purchase your gown from will give you a wedding gown garment bag.

You assume that what they give you is the best choice for your gown, but is it really?

Well lets take a look at the usual choices you will be given:

  1. White or Clear Vinyl Bridal Gown Bag
  2. Breathable Wedding Gown Bag
  3. Clear plastic formal garment bag

"Notice the picture to the right is of two bridal gown bags. Both are 72" long vinyl garment bags made for wedding gowns. One has a 10" gusset, which is the standard garment bag which is what most bridal shops give out. The other is a 20" wide bridal bag for very full bridal gowns, which are not always easy to find."

large 20Breathable Wedding Dress Garment Bag
Vs. Vinyl Bridal Gown Bag

The most popular wedding gown bag right now appears to be the "breathable" bridal bag. This particular bag is made out of a material that will allow air to pass through it. This is more desirable than the vinyl bag if you are going to store your gown in it for an extended period of time. But what about for the short term use, which is best?

My personal opinion is that for the short term... I feel that the vinyl wedding dress garment bag is best. Why? Well... I like it because it protects against moisture. When you are out in the rain with your gown you need a bridal dress bag that isn't going to allow your gown to get wet.

Now both the vinyl and breathable gown bags can rip or tear. So which one is easier to repair? Most of the time you can tape the bag back together. It is easier for tape to adhere to the vinyl material than to the breathable fabric.

"So based on my experience... I think the vinyl gown bag is the best choice to use since you are transporting your gown a lot before the wedding and it protects best against moisture. But after the wedding, if you plan on leaving your bridal dress in the garment bag for a long time you need to store it in a breathable bag."

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  • The length of the bag is perfect for gowns, longer dress and heavier coats; the bag protects items from dragging the floor
  • Full-length secure zipper closure keeps dust out to keep your clothes fresher longer; allows garments to be removed from bag with ease
  • VentilAir breathable material keeps garments fresher by allowing air to flow through them
  • Gusseted sides allow up to 4 times more storage than normal storage bags; allows for easy organization of all gowns in one convenient place
  • See thru vinyl window allows for easy viewing of what garments are inside without all the sorting; makes for easy organization
Budget Bags Inc New Breathable Purple Wedding Gown Garment Bag by BAGS FOR LESSTM
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  • 24 wide x 72 long x 10 side gusset
  • Breathable, soft, clothlike durable material
  • Reinforced hanger opening, heavy duty center zipper
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HANGERWORLD Pink 72" Wedding Dress Travel Carry Cover - Superb Protection When Transporting Bridal Wear & Gowns - Showerproof & Breathable
  • SUPERB PINK HIGH QUALITY TRAVEL CARRY COVER for Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaids Dresses & Ball Gowns etc. Superb protection for use when travelling with your dress...
  • Showerproof Outer and Breathable Inner. Colour run resistant. Ideal for transporting and long term storage of your precious garments after your big day.
  • Clear document pocket. Adjustable reinforced shoulder strap & strong integral central bar allows comfortable carrying with minimal creasing.
  • Plenty of room for trains and petticoats. Can be hung full length. Size: 72 (182cm) long x 26 (66cm) wide with 9 (23cm) gusset. Full length quality zip.
  • Soft, breathable cotton-like polypropylene material on inner side with soft touch showerproof peva on outer side. Perfect protection for transporting and storing...
HANGERWORLD Extra Wide Showerproof Black Wedding Gown Dress Garment Cover Bag 72" - Plenty Of Room For Trains & Petticoats
  • Trusted Hangerworld Brand - EXTRA WIDE Wedding Dress / Ball Gown Cover
  • Soft feel showerproof black polyethylene material
  • 72 long- bell shaped with full length zip 32 wide at the base with an EXTRA WIDE 14 TAPERED GUSSET
  • Plenty of room avoiding crushing larger gowns, bridesmaid and wedding dresses & those with longer trains etc. Clear PVC large document pocket.
  • New & packaged in sealed wrap printed with Hangerworld branding.
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  • Soft breathable, strong, protective cotton-like material, clear document holder
  • Ideal for travel & long term storage of dresses, suits, trousers and longer clothes. Acid free.
  • Gorgeous pink colour with matching pink trim. Brightens up your wardrobe. Reinforced top loop and bottom eyelet hole allowing carrying or storing safely when draped...

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