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One of the most wonderful showers I have ever participated in was a Honeymoon Shower. It was for a couple who had been living together for years, had a home, and really did not need any household items. They did not have the money to go on a honeymoon because they were spending all of their money on getting hitched, so we decided to throw a shower with a travel theme. We registered the couple with a local travel agent and let the guest know that if they wanted to they could purchase gift certificate for the couple's honeymoon. It was a great way to get them what they really needed, time alone as newlyweds!

If your couple already has the honeymoon planned and booked, you can still theme the shower around it. They will receive wonderful travel theme gifts, and maybe a few lacy bits to celebrate their marriage in!

Honeymoon Bridal Shower Invitations
If you know where the bride and groom want to go (or where they are going), theme the shower around that location. Many people choose to go somewhere warm (go figure) and tropical theme invitations would be perfect. In fact, a personalized passport invitation is a fun and unique option for a travel theme shower.

Please join us at a Honeymoon Bridal Shower
for Gina Sommerland
After they tie-the-knot, they're off to Hawaii,
Let's help send them on their way!
Gina and Michael are registered at ABC Travel Agency.

Whatever invitation you choose, you can always attach a globe key chain or a luggage tag to it as a fun accent.

Honeymoon Bridal Shower Decorations and Party Supplies
Decorate with well known landmarks from the itinerary, such as the Eiffel Tower from France. Postcards around the room or in pictures frames that feature the vacation spot make cute decorations. Are they going out of the country? Use the flag from the place they are visiting in your decorations; cupcake toppers maybe? Or print a bunch and string them into a garland. You can find images for flags at the CIA website.

Miniature travel suitcase containers make great seating or place cards. Go to the travel agency and ask for maps and posters for the couples honeymoon destination. The posters will make great wall decorations, and the maps can be made into placemats if you laminate them!

If the bride and groom are vacationing somewhere warm, use tropical decorations around the room. We love seashells and citronella candles for the tables. Paper lanterns and white twinkle lights around the room would be lovely!

Start with a light blue table cloth. Make cute centerpieces from inexpensive balsam wood airplanes. Decorate the sides with the couple's name and their destination. Hang them from the ceiling with clear fishing line so they are floating over the table. Scatter some cotton balls underneath the planes (stretch the cotton out a bit to make it fluffy). What if they are going on a cruise you say? Well then, swap out the plains and clouds for toy boats and blue glitter. Be creative, your guests will love it!

Honeymoon Bridal Shower games and Activities
Here are a few fun bridal shower games to play at your travel theme shower:

"Way with Words" - Make a list of wedding related words in English and the same word in another language. Have guests try to match the the words with their translations. Here are a few to get you started -

  • Love - Liebe (German)
  • Husband - Esposo (Spanish)
  • Wife - Épouse (French)
  • Wedding - Nozze (Italian)
  • Cake - Kuchen (German)
  • Vows - Sözü (Turkish)
  • Kiss - Halik (Filipino)
  • Bride - Menyasszony (Hungarian)
"International Activities" - Write a list of the same countries on each piece of paper. Everyone needs to write down an activity that the bride can do while she is in that country, as well as a food that the bride can eat while in that country. The catch is, that the activity and the food need to start with the same letter as each country. You can play this game in teams, or individually. The first person/team to get them all correct (within a certain time limit) wins a prize! For example: France- Amy goes to France, and she fiddles all day, and then she eats fritters! Trust me, some of the answers people come up with are good for more than a few laughs!

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