Travel Wedge pillow for acid reflux

Short Wedge Worse for ACID Reflux & GERD | Gravity1st Treats ACID Reflux | width=If you are suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or frequent heartburn or have any need for head elevated sleep – Gravity1st™ is for you.

Pillows & Short Wedges Do Not Work for Acid Reflux & GERD

Short wedges and piled up pillows seem to be the common thing to go to when nighttime heartburn sets in. Whether you purchase a cheap foam wedge or collect pillows from around the house to prop yourself up – you aren’t getting the kind of relief you need to get a proper nights rest. AND you may actually be making your reflux worse. Pillows & short wedges do not work for acid reflux & GERD and may actually make heartburn worse.

1) Short wedges and pillows bend you in the middle and put extra pressure on your lower esophageal sphincter (LES) thus making your Reflux even worse. Doctors recommend that head elevated sleep be on a gradual incline with your head 6-8” above your feet. Gravity1st is a gradual 7 inch incline from head to toe.

2) Chiropractors report that many of the patients they see are those using short wedges or pillows to achieve head elevated sleep. Neck and back problems increase due to not being supported correctly during the night. Gravity1st supports you in the correct position without forcing your head, neck or shoulders in to an uncomfortable position.

Gravity1st is simple to set up and use3) Short wedges and pillows only allow you to sleep on your back. Most people don’t exclusively sleep on their back for the duration of the night. People usually have a preference in the way they sleep but tend to shift from one position to another throughout the night (back, side, stomach). Some doctors actually recommend sleeping on your side with your head elevated – short wedges will not allow this. It’s commonly recommended for pregnant women to sleep on their left side as much as possible throughout the pregnancy – short wedge and pillows make this near impossible. Gravity1st allows you to sleep in any position, change positions, and remain head elevated the entire time.

4) Short wedges are often made of stiff, uncomfortable polyurethane foam. Your pillows are often a little more comfortable than a foam wedge but don’t provide the correct support or angle of elevation. Comfort is a major ingredient in a sound night’s sleep. Gravity1st is so comfortable it will rival your own mattress.

5) In the morning when you want to make your bed, where do you store away that large hunk of foam or all those extra pillows? Foam wedges take up a considerable amount of closet space when they’re not in use. Gravity1st is simply, quickly and easily deflated and left on your bed. You’ll never even know it’s there.

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