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1. What does Steinbeck mean in Travels with Charley when he says that he did not know his own country?
A. He had little knowledge of the history and culture of America.
B. He could not understand why most Americans act the way they do.
C. He felt out of touch with areas he had not visited in a long time.
2. InIn In Travels In Travels with Charley, what did Steinbeck hope to achieve by living in his truck?
He wanted to bring as little attention to himself as possible.
He wanted to be as comfortable as possible while he was traveling.
He wanted to be able to pack up and go at a moment’s notice.
3. How did SHow did Steinbeck’s friends respond in Travels with Charley to the news of the trip he was planning?
They warned that many unpleasant things would happen to him.
They supplied him with food and equipment to make his journey easier.
4. In Travels In Travels with Charley, which three statements are true about Charley? I. He is a good companion. II. He is a skillful fighter. III. He is a good watch dog. IV. He affords an easy way for Steinbeck to meet strangers.
5. In Travels with Charley, what does steinbeck accomplish in his "conversation" with Charley about the wind?
He gets a chance to say out loud the worry he feels about the wind.
He illustrates Charley’s important contribution to the trip.
He shows that loneliness when traveling can cause a person to do strange things.
6. In Travels with Charley, the best way to clarify how the landscape differes between the Bismarck and Mandan sides of the Missouri River is
To pause in your reading
To reread the description
7. Referring to the Badlands in Travels with Charley, Steinbeck writes, "What a place for a colony of troglodytes, or better, of trolls, "what would be the best sources to find out the difference between troglodytes and trolls?"

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