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I placed order on for a room in Orlando. I paid by Paypal who instantly sent me an email confirming the payment sent and is now pending. It took me back to to a page saying was having problems but if i didn't receive confirmation email within 5 minutes to call. I waited 30 then called. It took me probably 45 minutest to talk to their customer service because they didn't have a direct link to them the first time i transferred, they hung up on me. The foreign customer service person asked me the same questions probably 3 times before telling me that reservations take 4 hours to get into their computers so I'd get an email by then. By next day I still had not received anything from then.
I tried to just cancel the payment, since I couldn't cancel the reservation since they we're still trying to tell me I didn't make one. However since they have yet to accept the payment, and I have no doubt that they will at since point since they are already screwing me over, Paypal won't let me cancel it.

I left a bad review of web site and got an email back pretty quickly from a Debra H. who asked for my information so she could help. I thought this might be fixed. 5 days later I received an email from her again saying that the reservation was placed with an affiliate and there is nothing can do about it. I never left's web site and the payment confirmation has Travelscape LLC as who I paid and as their web site. I asked Debra H. who the affiliate was and why would the payment be to I received a reply saying the affiliate (i have yet to find out who is) can only fix this problem and they were "working" on it. Three days later and nothing from this so called affiliate. I've wrote a letter to the email address my payment went to. I received a response saying they could not help me. I've my confirmation to them now.
I will never use or any Travelscape company again. Neither will anyone I know. Beware of this company and their crappy customer service.



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