Travels with Emma

A day late, but better late than never as they say.

Today, we're with another solo female traveler but this one lives and travels full time in her motorhome. She keeps a very active life volunteering at National Wildlife Refuges around the U.S., and she has a lifelong love of camping and RV'ing. She's got a popular blog, and even though she publishes almost every day, she doesn't often talk about her personal life. So we're happy to welcome Judith Bell from "Travels with Emma" so we get an inside look into how she arrived at where she is now in life...

Kevin and Ruth: Okay, let's get started Judy...everybody likes to know some personal history. Can you tell us where were you born, and what did your parents do at the time?

Judy: I was born in Chicago, and lived there until after I was married and had two kids. Then it was a move to upstate New York. My mother was a housewife and my father worked as a newspaper printer that produced the Sunday colored sections back in the day. He died when I was eight, which greatly affected our lives from that point forward.

Kevin and Ruth: We're sure it must have, that's a terribly young age to lose your Dad. Do you remember taking any family vacations when you were that age?

Judy: When I was five or six, I remember a vacation down to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. We stayed in one of the cabins. It had to be in 1952 or 53. I only know that because we didn't travel in the 1954 Ford that my Dad bought and was so proud of. We still had that 54 Ford when I was 16 and old enough to take my driver's test in it. Oh, the close calls I had with that little car driving around Chicago as a teenager. That was about the time that the interstates were being constructed. My step-father thought it would be good for me to experience driving downtown on State Street after the brakes went out. Can you just imagine? I somehow lived through the experience, so driving through big cities doesn't bother me as much as it does some people.


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